Linux Mint

Linux Mint

Developer - Linux Mint Team

Platform    - Desktop

OS Family - Linux

Linux Mint is a free and open source Linux distribution (or operating system) based on Ubuntu and Debian. The operating system is fully focused on desktop computers (instead of server), even no server version exists. Linux Mint comes with a beautiful and modern graphical user interface, which has the default Cinnamon desktop environment currently, while more desktop environments like Mate and KDE are supported, and are available in different installation ISO files. Like the Ubuntu Desktop, it was bundled with a wide range of useful software applications such as LibreOffice (Office software), Thunderbird (email client), Firefox (web browser), VLC media player, Backup tool, Media Player, etc. While more software is available through package manager.

Linux Mint's user interface is similar to Windows Graphical Shell, so all Windows users will be more favorable with this Linux operating system.

Notable features of Linux Mint

Some of the notable features of Linux Mint are:

  • All Linux features.
  • Choose between several different beautiful desktop environments.
  • Useful pre-installed software apps are bundled, such as LibreOffice, Thunderbird, Firefox.
  • Windows-like interface.
  • Desktop Widgets.
  • Backup tool.
  • Live usb.
  • Multilingual.
  • Free of cost.

Linux Mint Facts

  • Unlike most Linux distros, Linux Mint is not available for servers.
  • Ubuntu / Debian is used as the basis of the Linux Mint.
  • Linux Mint is installed on millions of desktop computers.

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